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Remodeling Magazine: USA's National Averages Cost vs. Value Report 2015

Posted on December 18, 2015 at 2:57 PM
USA's National Averages Cost vs. Value Report 2015

Blackstone's Price List*
$51,696: Attic Bedroom (midrange)
$65,442: Basement Development (midrange)
$75,726: Sunroom Addition (midrange)
$84,201: Family Room Addition (midrange)
$85,592: Garage Addition (upscale)
$111,245: Master Suite Addition (midrange)
$161,925: Two-Story Addition (midrange)
$236,363: Master Suite Addition (upscale)
$19,226: Minor Kitchen Remodel (midrange)
$56,768: Major Kitchen Remodel (midrange)
$113,097: Major Kitchen Remodel (upscale)
$16,724: Bathroom Remodel (midrange)
$39,578: Bathroom Addition (midrange)
$54,115: Bathroom Remodel (upscale)
$76,429: Bathroom Addition (upscale)
*prices are estimates only.
Never seen a price list like that from a renovator before? Neither have we!
That's because we cheated.

As a General Contractor in New Developments / Large Scale Renovations / Additions, specializing in both residential and commercial projects - we are constantly asked how much big complicated projects will cost.  While individual fixed quotes per project can vary greatly per each project's unique design, the estimate figures above are the most accurate we've ever published.
And here's our big secret how we came up with our price list - we stole it straight off Remodeling Magazine's famous 'Cost Vs. Value Report 2015'. This power house pricing database contains:
  • 36 of the most common American home renovation projects
  • average job cost ($USD) per project  
  • average recouped cost ($USD) per project upon resale
  • sketches of each project
  • dimensions of each project
  • material selection and quantities of each project
While we've never yet come across any Canadian data that comes close to this report, we feel comfortable enough recommending it to you as the next best alternative. We've compared the Report's pricing against our own estimating models and concluded the costs in this report differ from our own by 10% at worst, and spot on at best (foreign currency conversions aside).
To access the 'Cost VS Value Report 2015' by Remodeling Magazine USA click on the pdf attachment for a summarized single page pricing sheet (above) or the article link for the full in-depth report (above).

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